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A White Sports Coat

We don’t generally think of Marty Robbins as a jazz composer, but his A White Sports Coat has a great swing feel and lends itself well to our genre. I split up the head and did some harmonizing to create this sextet version. For some reason we took it a bit quickly on the performance (and the mp3).


Scored (as most of the sextets are) for Trumpet, Alto Sax, Trombone, and rhythm section.


A White sports Coat is unpublished; and while you probably won’t catch any heat for performing this arrangement, you’ll need to go to the Harry Fox Agency for permission to record it.


It sells for $25 for the hard copy, $20 for pdfs. 

A White Sports Coat Sextet.mp3Rudy Volkmann
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A White sports - 1.png
A white sports -2.png
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