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Aria Studies for Trumpet and Piano


In the set of trumpet and piano pieces called the Aria Studies, I endeavored to create melodic study (and performance) material which would introduce younger, less developed players to the soaring beauty of Baroque style without the demands of the extraordinary high range in which most of the Baroque trumpet material is found. I chose to write one each in the six adjacent keys.


The piano parts are relatively simple, emulating a style of “realizing” a figured bass line. Music of the period was essentially that of music between the outer voice — a melody set against a bass line, as it were. In some of the pieces, there is also a significant melodic counterpoint in the piano part.


  • Each of the pieces sells for $8.00 hard copy or $5.00 for the pdf’s

  • Buy the whole set for $40.00 hard copy

  • or $25.00 pdfs.

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