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Beerbarrel Polka

The Beerbarrel Polka was written by Jaromír Vejvoda in Czechoslovakia 1927 as an instrumental song without lyrics. It has enjoyed a wide variety of superimposed lyrics in various countries, none of which seem to have anything to do with one another (the first one, from Czechoslovakia, translates loosely to “wasted love”).

It became widely popular in this country during WWII, and was recorded by a wide variety of artists. It never fails to please as a dance tune; traditionally it begins with a drum “roll-off,” but since brass quintets don’t have a drummer, the first two bars were my solution.

This arrangement of the Beerbarrel Polka is not published and is available for $18.00 for hard copy and $15.00 for pdfs.


It is not recorded, so the mp3 is a FINALE MIDI audio extract (not the greatest sound, but enough to give you the idea of how it goes.

Beerbarrel Polka - R. Volkmann
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