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The lyrics to Care for thy Soul come from William Byrd’s Psalms, Sonnets, and Songs of 1588. Evidently it became a popular text, because it was taken up by a number of later composers of various styles, among them Francis Pilkington, an early English Baroque lutenist and composer.


Like most pieces of the period, there is much imitative counterpoint, many sequences, etc.


Care for thy Soul for brass sextet is unpublished and available for $18.00 for hard copy, or $15.00 for the pdfs. It is also available as a brass quintet, found on my Brass Quintets page

Care for thy Soul is not recorded as a sextet, and the mP3 is a FINALE MIDI audio extract (not a great sound, but you get the idea of what the piece sounds like - and I couldn’t get the “ritard” function to work in the extraction. There should be a big ritard at the very end.

Care for thy Soul
Care for thy Soul - arr. R. Volkmann
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