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Der Lustige Schweitzer

Some time in the early 1990’s the Channellheimmer Oompah Band was hired for a celebration in South Carolina commemorating the opening of a huge industrial plant headquartered in Switzerland. We had to learn the Swiss national anthem; in addition, I wrote this commemorative waltz called Der Lustige Schweitzer (the merry Swiss fellow)


As with all of these Octoberfest Dances (link), everyone gets major time with the melody, there are interesting countermelodies and challenging “end-of-phrase” licks — and it is very danceable.

Der Lustige Schweitzer is published by the Cimarron Music Press and can be ordered at:

The mP3 audio is from my CD The Ball Pin Duo salutes “The Captain” and can be ordered from my CD recordings page

Der Lustige Schweitzer - R. Volkmann
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