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Fugue in D Minor transcribed for organ

This was my first composition to see public printing - the annual literary magazine at Central Washington State College (“Inscape”) used it as a centerpiece in 1964. That version was a difficult and nearly unplayable version for piano in C minor (it did, actually, get some performances both at Central and at Interlochen).


I had just taken my first eighteenth century counterpoint class (concentrated nearly solely on the music of J. S. Bach). The lengthy subject is more Romantic than Baroque in concept, and the texture is a bit “busy,” but I was pleased with being able to incorporate some concepts like the stretto at the end.


The Fugue in D Minor for Organ sells for $15 for the hard copy and

$10 for pdf.

Fugue in D Minor - Rudy Volkmann
Fugue in D Minor - 1 (1).png
Fugue in D Minor - 2.png
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