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Fugue in G 

In 1966 a very attractive woman named Iris was an Austrian ski instructor “import” to a high-end ski resort near Traverse City, Michigan (and Interlochen, where I was on the faculty and staff, and had access to the new concert organ the Conn company had donated to the school).


Iris used to hang out at the “Shield’s Rattskeller” in TC in her off-time, and we locals were all enamored, to say the least. She let on that she liked organ music, so I wrote her this fugue.


My landlord at the time was the renowned concert organist Richard Ellsasser, who played through it for me and had some registration suggestions. It’s tough, busy piece - a good showpiece of medium length.


The piece is unrecorded, so the mp3 is a FINALE audio extract


The Fugue in G Minor sells for $15 for the hard copy and $10 for pdf

Fugue in G - Rudy Volkmann
Fugue in G Minor -1 (1).png
Fugue in G Minor -2.png
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