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The Fugue in G Minor started life as an organ fugue written while I was on the faculty and staff at Interlochen. The Conn instrument company was developing their organ division in the early 1960’s and had an association with Richard Ellsasser, an amazing organist who was the visiting organ professor at the Interlochen Arts Academy (and my landlord). The company gave Interlochen an amazing state-of-the-art electronic organ console which combined with a set of four ranks of actual pipes to create a truly natural-sounding (for the time) electronic organ.


As director of the instrument inventory, I got to play it a lot and wrote this fugue for it. I also spent a lot of time at Shields’ Rathskeller after skiing outside of Traverse City — hence its subtitle “Die Keller Fuge” when it was published as an organ piece

The piece is unpublished and available for $18.00 for the hard copy                                        and $15.00 for the pdf.


The mp3 performance is from my CD, Savannah River Brassworks, available on my Recordings page .

Fugue in G Minor - Rudy Volkmann
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