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Gadsden - a three-movement suite for saxophone quartet was written as part of my studies at the University of South Carolina. At the time the fur saxophonists for whom I wrote the piece wee all sharing a large house on Gadsden street (hence the title).


The printed music includes a counting system shorthand I found (and still find) useful, PM me and I will share that with you.


Each of the three movements stands well alone as a concert piece.


Gadsden is published by Ken Dorn Music Press:

The recordings of the three movements are studio “rough mixes” of the Chicago Sax Quartet, who recorded it as part of an educational project that unfortunately fell through.

Gadsden IR. Volkmann
00:00 / 06:09
Gadsden 2
Gadsden 3
Gadsden -2.png
Gadsden -1.png
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