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Greencastle 1967 (quintet for brass) is my application of quartal harmonies to classical form. The work is melodic, thematic, and in a classical formal “sonata” structure.


The first movement is a “sonata allegro” form, with some fugal treatment thrown in at the end (in 1967 I had just discovered the fugal work of Paul Hindemith). the repeat at the end of the exposition is there for formal reasons — feel free to play right through it like we do with Romantic era sonatas. The second is an andante paired with a fugue. The third is a rollicking scherzo in Minuet and Trio form

the last is another allegro - a rondo that brings you back thematically to the 1st movement for the ending.


Greencastle 1967 (quintet for brass) is published the Cimarron Music Press and can be ordered here.



The mP3’s of the four movements are from my CD, The Savannah River Brassworks, which is available on my CD page.



I. Allegro - R. Volkmann
II. Andante e Fuga - R. Volkmann
III. Scherzo - R. Volkmann
IV. Allegro - R. Volkmann
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