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Hodie Christus Natus Est is probably Jan Pietersoon Sweelinck’s best-known motet, if not composition of any kind.  J.S. Bach was a great admirer of Sweelinck, and his music leads directly to the mature Baroque of the German master.


Brass sextets fell out of favor in the late 1950’s as the brass quintet (with a greatly expanded tuba range) became the standard chamber music combination for brass (joining the string quartet and the woodwind quintet).


But brass sextets do have a sound of their own, and arrangements like this provide repertoire for this unique group.  This was actually my first arrangement, done back in 1963 and published in 1966 by the Concordia Publishing House.  Several years ago they returned the rights to me, so I offer it in my catalog.


Regretably,l I have no recording of the sextet version of this tune.  The 3/4 opening and similar sections should be taken in a stately “one,” and that beat becomes a half-note in the 4/4 sections (taking it in cut time).


Brass sextet transcriptions of this period typically work well for brass choir.


Score and parts (hard copy) $18.00 plus shipping;                                                           PDFs  for $15.00.

Sweelinck/arr. Volkmann - Unknown Artist
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