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Horn Sonata

I wrote my Sonata for Horn and Piano over a one-year period in 2018-19; I think of it as one of my finest works. I was inspired by the horn playing of Rachel Velvikis, who came to Augusta, GA in 2017 with the Seraph Brass; we became online friends, and she agreed to let me write her a piece.


It is monumental in scope, and written for a true virtuoso on the horn, as well as a really talented pianist (not for the faint of heart). There are four difficult movements - it is melodic, thematic, formally true to Classical sonata traditions, and employs quartal harmonies throughout.


I have no live recording of this piece, so the mp3 is a FINALE extraction - the sound isn’t particularly satisfying but it certainly gives you a good idea of how the piece goes. It is planned to be premiered in the Fall of 2020; at that point a live recording mp3 should be available

Sonata for Horn and Piano sells for $60.00 for the hard copy, $40.00 for the pdfs.

I. Allegro copy (1)R. Volkmann
00:00 / 06:09

II Scherzo                                                                                       III Andante                                                                                  IV Sonata Rondo

Horn Sonata -1.png
Horn sonata -2.png
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