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The Hills and Valleys

The Hills and Valleys is the first movement of a three-movement piece originally scored for three oboes (in the classical formal sense) entitled The Mountain Suite. The form is that of a classical sonata-allegro first movement.

It turns out that raising the pitch by a minor third makes it a fine piece for mixed woodwinds as well.

As with the other two movements, the melodic material is amply passed around the ensemble; the musical language is that of quartal harmony and some mixed meter.

I have no live recording of this piece, so the mp3 is a FINALE extraction - the sound isn’t particularly satisfying but it certainly gives you a good idea of how the piece goes.

The Hills and Valleys sells for $30.00 for the hard copy, $20.00 for the pdfs.

HIlls and Valleys woodwindsd copyR. Volkmann
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Hills and valleys - 1.png
Hills and Valleys - 2.png
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