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Lyric Suite for Saxophone Quartet


In the early 1990s, I became friends with Judith Anne Still (daughter of William Grant Still); I also became interested in her father’s music. His Lyric Quartet for Strings is (in my opinion) not a particularly memorable work for string quartet, but it’s a really nice work for saxophones. With her permission, I arranged it as such.


The three-movement suite is listed as “Lyric Quartette for Strings arranged for Saxophone Quartette” on the William Grant Music website

The piece is full of wonderful tempo and stylistic changes (sometimes from measure to measure) and, as such, not amenable to an audio extraction using FINALE ~ so as there is no recording of a live performance, there are no audio samples of this piece.

Lyric Suite -1 (1).png
Lyric Suite -2 (1).png
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