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I wrote Orion as a teaching piece, introducing younger players to modern harmonies and meters. It sounds much more difficult than it is to play. All the harmonies are quartal (that is, chords built by stacking fourths instead of thirds).

All the parts get a turn at the melody. All the parts stay in first position except the first violins (which go only to third). All fast moving parts are known scales. All double stops include one open string; all other octave parts are marked divisi. It’s a great piece to introduce the kids to the modern sounds.

Orion sells for $50.00 for the hard copy, $35 for the pdf’s

Orion is not recorded, so the mP3 is a FINALE MIDI audio extract (not a great sound, but you can get the idea of what the piece sounds like).

Orion - 1.png
Orion R. Volkmann
00:00 / 04:59
Orion - 2.png
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