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In 1990, while chairman of the music department of Paine College, I spent a week doing research on a project in the Philadelphia Free Library.

In the course of that project, I stumbled upon an unpublished major chamber piece by one of America’s first homegrown “Romantic” composers, William Wallace Gilchrist (1846-1916). The find was a vellum (ink on onion skin) working score and parts - working score in that there were changes made on the pages (assumed to be in the composer’s own handwriting) of Gilchrist’s first piano trio.

I had other projects at hand, so it was 2005 before I finished editing and annotating the score and parts, presented here. I encourage the reader to refer to the editorial notes.

A truly historically significant piece, the Trio in G Minor is a massive, four movement chamber work. It sells for $120 for the hard copy, and $80 as a set of pdf files. The mp3’s are FINALE audio extracts, which don’t sound all that good, but give you an idea of how the movements go.

Gilchrist I - Gilchrist/edited R. Volkmann
PDF                     $80
Hard Copy                    $120
Gilchrist II - Gilchrist/edited R. Volkmann
Gilchrist III - Gilchrist/edited R. Volkmann
Gilchrist IV - Gilchrist/edited R. Volkmann
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