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I have always loved Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 541. It’s a relatively unknown major work for organ; I’ve scored it for a number of different combinations, including one for symphonic band.

This arrangement for double quintet is quite satisfying, keeps everyone busy but not overworked, and sounds great.

Prelude and Fugue BWV 541 in this double quintet arrangement sells for $65.00 for the hard copy, $50.00 for the pdf’s

I have no live recording of this piece, so the mp3 is a FINALE extraction - the sound isn’t particularly satisfying but it certainly gives you a good idea of how the piece goes.

Prelude from BWV 541 (1)Bach/Arr. R. Volkmann
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Prelude from BWV 541
BWV 541 -1 (1).png
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BWV 541 -2 .png
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