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Sinfonia Brevis
Sinfonia Brevis I - R. Volkmann
Sinfonia Brevis III - R. Volkmann

Sinfonia Brevis is a four-movement symphony for brass octet, organ, and timpani. I chose the title because all the movements are around 4 minutes in length. I think of it as one of my finest works.


The movements are: I. Sonata-Allegro; 2. Funerale; 3. Scherzo, and 4. Rondo. I can sell individual movements if you are interested; PM me.


Sinfonia Brevis sells for $60.00 for the hard copy,                                               $50 for the pdf’s


Sinfonia Brevis is not recorded, the MP3’s are FINALE MIDI audio extracts (not a great sound, but you can get the idea of what the piece sounds like). A word about the mP3 of the second movement (Funerale) — FINALE only has two organ settings, and what I wanted at the beginning of the movement was a lot closer to the Hammond B3 sound than the pipe organ sound.

Sinfonia Brevis II - R. Volkmann
Sinfonia Brevis Rhondo - R. Volkmann
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