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Steppin’ Lightly is a bit of an unusual tune, as it is written for a trio of soloists who also play as a solo ensemble.  Scored for Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone solo, as well as one Alto, two Tenor, and Baritone Saxes; five trumpets, four trombones, and rhythm.  a really fun Latin rhythm tune.


mp3 performance by Augusta Jazz Project “Master of Swing” bigband under the direction of Dr. Rudy Volkmann.  CD available on both “Rudy Volkmann Originals” and “Sold Out.”  Wycliffe Gordon is the lead trombonist on this one, and the “triple D” near the start of his solo is probably worth the price of the CD.


$52 plus shipping and handling for printed score and set of parts;                                           $40 for pdf’s. 

Steppin' Lightly - R. Volkmann
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