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The Unvanquished for Symphonic Band


The Unvanquished started life as an orchestral piece - my Masters thesis at DePauw University in 1968. It was my first foray into polytonality - specifically pitting C minor against G major chordally (I took it down a step for the band version). I pared down that slightly longer original piece to a band work in 1997 and slightly rescored it in 2018 to include more percussion.

The mp3 is from a concert I produced with The Garden City Winds to premier it in Augusta, GA in 1997.

The Unvanquished sells for $100.00 for the hard copy,                                      $80.00 for the pdfs

Unvanquished 1.png
The UnvanquishedR. Volkmann
00:00 / 08:26
Unvanquished 2.png
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