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The Oktoberfest Two-step is the only one of these tunes not originally written for the Channellheimmer Oompah Band. It was written for (and available as) a brass octet and is available as such on my Brass Octets and Nonets page. Since becoming interested in the brass octet as a performing entity I have written a lot for that combination or set of possible combinations. But it’s a super-fun quintet, too.


As with all of these Octoberfest Dances, everyone gets major time with the melody, there are interesting countermelodies and challenging “end-of-phrase” licks — and it is very danceable.


The Oktoberfest Two-step for quintet is published by the Cimarron Music Press and can be ordered at:


The mP3 audio is from my CD The Ball Pin Duo salutes “The Captain” and can be ordered from my CD recordings page

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