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The German Friendship Club of Augusta, GA used to organize huge Octoberfests in one of the municipal dance halls. One of their members, tall, elegant, slightly aging, always came alone (it seems that her husband was no longer able to attend such events). Ursula Brady was always immaculately dressed in a flowing dirndl, her long, grey hair braided in a crown with wildflowers braided in.

She usually danced alone - especially all the waltzes — often with her eyes closed, imagining who-knows-what wonderful past as she gracefully encircled the dance floor - forever swirling, swirling, swirling.

I wrote this in memoriam to her — The Ursula Brady Waltz

As with all of these Octoberfest Dances (link), everyone gets major time with the melody, there are interesting countermelodies and challenging “end-of-phrase” licks — and it is very danceable.

The Ursula Brady Waltz for quintet is published by the Cimarron Music Press and can be ordered at

The mP3 audio is from my CD The Ball Pin Duo salutes “The Captain” and can be ordered from my CD recordings page

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