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When I Fall In Love


The course of true love rarely runs smoothly, as demonstrated with the innovative treatment of this lovely old ballad. It starts out sweetly enough, with a vocal over a trombone choir, but a clever metric modulation soon takes it to a brisk jazz waltz - and after a sax and trumpet solo, mayhem begins. After some violent attacks, the theme from Streets of Laredo is woven in (note: the hero in that song dies). After a trombone solo the vocal slowly winds its way back to its ballad origins - and ends with a plaintive Some Day My Prince Will Come in a super-high trombone statement. Sheri Smith is the vocalist.

The tuba part could conceivably be taken by a bass trombonist with a great low register.

I have permission to release the music on my CDs, but if you want to actually perform it you will have to get performance permission from the Harry Fox Agency (an inexpensive formality involving filling out a form).


mp3 performance by Augusta Jazz Project “Master of Swing” bigband under the direction of Dr. Rudy Volkmann.  CD available on both “Rudy Volkmann Arrangements ” and “Sold Out.”


$52 plus shipping and handling for printed score and set of parts; or $40 for pdf’s.  

When I Fall in Love - Arr. R. Volkmann
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When I fall - 2.png
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