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Who's Sorry Now

I used to play this usually soulful ballad as an “up” Dixieland tune when I was in high school and college - I always liked it, and so did our audiences. There’s a section in the middle where the trombone section emulates a strumming banjo solo.


Scored for five trumpets, four trombones, 5 saxes, and rhythm section.


I have permission to release the music on my CDs, but if you want to actually perform it you will have to get performance permission from the Harry Fox Agency (an inexpensive formality involving filling out a form).


mp3 performance by Augusta Jazz Project “Master of Swing” bigband under the direction of Dr. Rudy Volkmann.  CD available on both “Rudy Volkmann Arrangements ” and “Sold Out.”


$52 plus shipping and handling for printed score and set of parts; or $40 for pdf’s.  

Who's Sorry - 1.png
Who's sorry - 2.png
Who's Sorry Now? - Arr. Rudy Volkmann
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