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Octoberfest Dances

Fabio Mann, for whose sound I write all of my trumpet parts, has been playing in a top-tier oompah band with me every Fall for nearly thirty years. In the course of our Octoberfest careers I wrote and/or arranged a number of “authentic-sounding” German polkas, waltzes, and even tangoes.


At one point Fabio suggested that I score those for the brass quintet, and these pieces are the result. Far from the old “Hungry Five” Oompah band book, these range in difficulty from “somewhat” to “very,” with lots and lots of counterpoint and occasional really tricky licks.


The mp3’s are the result of a studio collaboration between Fabio and me, with the two of us playing all the parts under the name of “The Ball Pin Duo,” which is explained on the CD page (link).


All but two are published by the Cimarron Music Press, and links to those specific sites are on the various pages.


Beerbarrel Polka

der Lustige Schweitzer

In Den Bergen

In München Steht Ein Hofbräu Haus

Octoberfest Two-step

Patterson Polka

Rainsford Polka

Schwarzbraun / Jäger


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